MeadowMist PE Cookie Monster

Monster at birth in the blue sweater with sister Broomhilda

Updated 12/7/21

Monster is one of our beloved 2020 house babies. She was unbelievably tiny at birth but was determined to nurse and stay with her family. On the 2nd day, her mother began gently pushing her away and more forcefully over the next two days until I took her inside. I had planned to keep her sister but since not keeping Monster was not an option, I sold her lovely sister to Critters Haven. From birth Monster had been named as a sort of sarcastic commentary on her size- she was a bit shy of 2 lb. I planned to name her Sea Monster but a visitor at the farm suggested Cookie Monster which she assuredly is. However, here on the farm she is known simply as Monster. 

Monster is from the first litter of our promising young buck MeadowMist RE Phantom Elk. Her dam Esmeralda (daughter of CH Gypsy Moon WP Starwars) was also a first freshener. We are very happy with Esmeralda's silky udder with large, easily milked teats. She has grown well so we hope to breed her for May 2020 as we are anxious to see udders from Phantom's daughters. Plans are to breed her to new jr buck StraightWay Farm SF Deputy D. Monster is a long bodied, very dairy little doe. Deputy also is long and dairy so these should be some nice show kids. 

  • Sire: MeadowMist RE Phantom Elk

    Sire: MeadowMist RE Phantom Elk (Kyeema Ridge Roaming Elk x SGCH Stonebroke Farm N Linnaea Rose 1*M)

  • Dam: MeadowMist SW Esmeralda

    Dam: MeadowMist SW Esmeralda (CH Gypsy Moon WP Starwars x MeadowMist HD Wing Ding 1*M)

  • Grandam: SGCH Stonebroke Farm N Linnaea Rose 1*M

    Grandam: SGCH N Linnaea Rose 1*M (SG Old Mountain Farm Sting’N Ned x Pecan Hollow Faerie Rose)

  • MeadowMist PE Cookie Monster

    2021 show season: 2 1sts, 3 2nds, 4 thirds yearling milker

  • MeadowMist PE Cookie Monster

    First place yearling milker, Goshen, IN, July 2021

  • MeadowMist PE Cookie Monster

    First freshening udder, buck doe twins 5/9/21