2022 Breeding Schedule

The 2022 breeding season is now winding down. We have 1 doe due on 7/14/22 and a litter due in Sapt. We used our new buck Winning Streak CM Viscount heavily; he has an exceptional rear end with very high thurls and a gorgeous topline. The udders behind this young buck are drool-worthy so we cannot wait to see his impact on our herd. We do have a few nice bucklings left for sale and some wethers  

The 2023 breeding schedule has been started but there will be some changes due the addition of jr buck Agape's Prize Nutty Buddy  

Contact us at meadowmistnigerians@gmail.com

  • MeadowMist IV Mix Up

    1st freshening, freshened 2/6/22
    P1 doe- Chamoisee, Retained
    P2 buck- Chamoise, Retained

  • StaightWay Farm SF Deputy D

    We are so happy with Deputy’s first kids, his kids are also on the medium size birth weight which is perfect for first fresheners.
    Does $400

  • MeadowMist L Destiny 6*M

    3rd freshening, freshened 2/11/22, triplet doelings, 1 doa
    P3 doeling- buckskin, Sold
    P4 doeling, buckskin, Sold

  • Castle Rock CopperPenny *B

    Milk ability is extremely high!
    Destiny is our daughter of Turtle and has earned her AR Star in 2021. She has large teats and is very easy to milk. Does $450

  • MeadowMist SW Maz Kanata

    2nd freshening, freshened 2/17/22, quads (1 d, 3 b), 1 b doa
    P5 doeling Cham/white-sold
    P6 wether - gold/white-Sold
    P7 buck/wether- gold/white-Sold

  • StraightWay Farm SF Deputy D

    Mazi is an exceptionally high butterfat producer. Just a ff, she has the barn’s highest BF Does $400

  • GCH Fairland Farm AR Sirius 1*M

    6th freshening, due 2/28/22, confirmed
    P14 doe, chami/white- Retained
    P15 doe, chami/moon spot, Retained

  • Winning Streak CM Viscount

    Sirius is such a wonderful doe, her one drawback is she never has more than 2 kids. She had a c-section as a result of mal presentation and is now retired.

  • MeadowMist CP Lil Ragamuffin 7*M

    3rd freshening, freshened 3/7/22 with triplet bucks
    P16 buck, white/chami- $400,Sold
    P17 wether, dark chami/white, Available$150-Sold
    P18 wether, gold/white- Retained (but we don’t talk about Bruno…😂)

  • MeadowMist PE Phantom Elk

    Very excited about this pairing. Muffin has earned her milk star milk this year and has a + PTA.
    Does $500 Bucks $400

  • MeadowMist IV Biscotti

    First freshener, due 3/11, freshened 3/15 with triplets (d,d,b)
    P19 doe, white/buckskin- Pending
    P20 doe, dark buckskin/white- Pending
    P21 wether, chamoise- $150 Sold

  • Winning Streak CM Viscount

    Expecting lots of length and exceptional udders
    Does $400

  • MeadowMist CP Cha Cha Cha

    2nd freshening, freshened 3/25/22,
    P22 doe, buckskin/chami combo- Sold
    P23 buck, gold/white- Sold
    P24 buck, cream- $500 Pending

  • Wood Bridge Farm Invigorated *B

    A repeat breeding, Cha’s 2021 doeling Snickerdoodle has earned her dry leg. These will be very dairy kids. Does $450, Bucks $400 - $500

  • MeadowMist SW Cocoa Puff

    2nd Freshening, freshened 3/29/22, triplets (b,b,d)
    P25 buck, chami/white, $400- Sold
    P26 buck, choc chami, $400- available
    P27 doe, choc chami, $450- Sold

  • Wood Bridge Farm Invigorated *B

    Puffy has a similar Udder to her dam Gypsy Moon HS Kahlua at the same age so we are expecting great things from her Does $450 Bucks $400

  • Circle D Farm QT Olive

    2nd freshening, freshened 4/2/22
    P30 doe, black/white- pending
    P31 doe, white/Chamoisee- retained

  • MeadowMist RE Phantom Elk

    Olive has a lovely first freshening udder with excellent attachment and rear udder height. She had 7 first places and 4 second places in the yearling milker class. These should be some very fancy kids. Does $500 Bucks $400

  • Rosasharn BH Cashew Turtle 5*M

    8th freshening, freshened 4/6/22
    P32 doe, chamoise- retained
    P33 doe, Chamoisee- sold
    P34 buck, chocolate buckskin combo, available- $700
    P35 buck, chamoise, available- $700

  • Winning Streak CM Viscount

    Doe reservations for Turtle now closed for 2022. Plans are to retire Turtle after this litter.
    Does $700 Bucks $700

  • MeadowMist MT Ceres

    4th freshening, freshened 4/7/22
    P39 doe, belted chocolate- pending
    P40 buck, chamoise- pending

  • MeadowMist BZ T Rex

    Ceres is a beautiful black, moon spotted doe out of our beloved Oolong, we are so happy to welcome her home. Moon spots possible. Having trouble getting her to settle, sheis bred to our exciting jr buck.
    Does $450

  • Gypsy Moon HS Kahlua 2*M

    4th freshening, freshened 4/9/22
    P41 doe, black/white, $600 pending
    P42 doe, choc Chamoisee, retained
    P43 doe, choc Chamoisee, $600 pending

  • Winning Streak CM Viscount

    One of our most anticipated breedings of the year! Reservations are now closed.
    Does $600 Bucks $500

  • MeadowMist PE Tiger Lily

    First Freshener, freshened 4/6/22
    P36 buck, died
    P37 buck, white/chamoise, $400 available
    P38 buck, choc chamoise/white- pending

  • Winning Streak CM Viscont

    Tiger Lily is a very exciting young doe who earned her dry leg as a jr kid, the judge stating she may be the best Nigerian he has ever seen! We are expecting greatness in the making.
    Does $450

  • GCH (pending) MeadowMist CC Akiko 6*M

    5th freshening, freshened 4/13/22
    P44 buck, chamoise-$700 available
    P45 buck, chamoise- $700 available

  • Winning Streak CM Viscount

    Polled possible. Akiko crossed with Viscount is sure to produce some stellar udders!
    She is on track to earn her AR milk Star and needs one more leg to finish. Does $800 Bucks $700

  • MeadowMist IV Samba

    First freshener, freshened 4/22/22
    P47 doe, Chamoisee- $400 Sold
    P48 doe, gold- retained

  • Winning Streak CM Viscount

    Samba is very dairy with a lovely pedigree. Being a daughter of Ginger, she will be a heavy milker.
    Does $400

  • MeadowMist PE Cookie Monster

    2nd freshening, freshened 4/28/22
    P49 doe, white/buckskin- Retainef
    P50 doe, white/Chamoisee $450 pending
    P51 doe, buckskin- Sold

  • StraightWay Farm SF Deputy D

    Monster did not settle on the first breeding so back to Plan A. Monster had a very nice ff udder with good rear udder height and is a very dairy young doe. Does $450

  • Winning Streak EB Carbanado 1*M

    3rd freshening, due Aug
    All kids reserved

  • GCH Wood Bridge Farm Count On Me +*B

    Kids will be full siblings to Viscount. Still pinching myself!